About Us

Hi, my name is Cody Tuma. I am a top producing agent in the Central Oregon market, as well as a team leader and principle broker. During the Real Estate boom of 2021 I found myself writing up to 20 offers per client, and getting majority of them rejected!

After spending countless hours gathering offer information, explaining concepts such as earnest money and contingencies over and over again. I knew there had to be a better way!

That’s when the idea for OfferForm was born. My Real Estate team now uses it all the time. It has saved us countless hours, while providing an exceptional and well received experience from our buyers. Their is now a better way for a better offer!

Cody Tuma
Co-Founder and CEO

Hello, My name is Mark Lumpkin. I realized the need for a product like OfferForm from the buyer's side of things. I know how frustrating and confusing the process of making an offer can be. It always feels like the process is full of mistakes, miscommunication, and a certain amount of confusion. I even felt silly asking my agent questions like "What is earnest money? " Or "What would my payment be if I offered $5000 more". When Cody told me about the idea for a platform that collected offer data and educated buyers I knew it was something the Real Estate industry needed! I am so excited OfferForm is here and I hope it makes you and your buyer's experience a little smoother.

Mark Lumpkin